arrive in style - about John the valeterAbout 'John the Valeter' from Arrive in Style

Prepared to tackle the Big and Bold and Mighty Dirty!

John the Valeter’s Mission is to pristine clean horseboxes throughout the equestrian sector, countrywide, continuing to be considered the best in the business!

‘No Flannel or False Promises here! It seems some valeting guys over promise and under deliver, that’s not our style! At Arrive in Style we really do what we say we do. Honestly Privileged to look after Prestige Cherished Vehicles’ says John Dickens.

Established 2006, John the Valeter, proprietor John Dickens has honed a reputation for being the best valeter in the equine world.

With a background in the horse sector, he understands the requirements of a good clean environment for them to travel in, their owners, riders and grooms too.

John loves animals and is an experienced paint sprayer who knows the makeup of top quality vehicle exteriors to A1 finish and their maintenance requirements. In awe and admiration of the big solid expanse of them, he sees a bigger difference when he has tackled the job of cleaning horseboxes, satisfied only when he leaves them immaculate.

Prepared to go wherever – with proper prior planning, from his central base he has been valeting from St Helens to Poole in Dorset.

Using only non-acidic and non-caustic products, Practical trucks as well as Prestige tackled. So whatever the budget, you, plus Arrive in Style in partnership can look after your investment.

Check out the AIS special dog mascot popping up! 

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